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For the purpose of this Internet page only, 'customer' shall be the term for 'consumer', 'buyer' or 'shopper', 'The INK Store' shall be the term for the 'supplier' or 'seller' and 'goods' shall be the term for any items and services that are sold or offered for sale by The INK Store and purchased or intended for purchase by the customer where applicable to the page within our website only, being used or viewed.

Your ordered goods:

The cartridges that you have ordered are 'compatible' to your printer make and model. Therefore, they are not of the same brand or trademark as the company that manufactured your printer. They are manufactured / remanufactured by a company other than the printer original equipment manufacturer. For example, an Epson compatible cartridge means that we are supplying you a new cartridge compatible to an Epson printer.
Where stated on all forms of advertising, point of sale and written literature that cartridges are compatible, the above information will always apply.
This website states on each ordering page and information page that the cartridges we supply are 'compatible' and therefore, not of the same brand as the printer they are intended for.

The goods we supply are of the highest quality that we are able to
obtain from the various companies that we purchase from. We refuse to supply goods which are not fit for purpose. We use feedback from our customers to vet the quality of the goods we sell and in some cases, we are told that the quality and end product of the goods we sell are higher than that of the original equipment manufacturer tried, tested and compared by the customer. We make no claim that we are supplying the best quality product available on the market, we print what our customers state.

We supply consumable goods in high quality packaging, clearly marked with identification / reference markings. The goods are packaged for shipping in protective postage bags / boxes and should arrive with the customer in perfect condition.

Using our refill service: Any customer using this service should be aware that we only use their cartridges to refill and return the same cartridges to the customer using the Royal Mail which we subsidise (see Delivery & Postage). Should the goods not arrive with the customer within 48 hours of despatch, they are outside the guaranteed delivery time promise stipulated by the Royal Mail for 1st class mail and so are considered missing or stolen. However, not officially so until at least 15 days have elapsed and then still no monetary / compensative payment for the missing items can be made until 30 days have elapsed (see Delivery & Postage). In the case of refilled cartridges, the customer has only paid for an ink refill service and part of the return postage and The INK Store has only cleaned the nozzles and filled the cartridge/s with ink, packaged them and returned them to the customer, therefore the raised invoice for the task will stipulate this. When a claim for missing refilled cartridges arises, invoices have to be provided to the Royal Mail for the missing items and The INK Store can only provide an invoice for filling the items with replenished ink and not for purchasing the same items. It is therefore the customers duty to provide purchase value receipts to the Royal Mail should they wish to seek compensation for replacement of the missing items as the items were and continue to be the full property of the customer before and after refilling is / was carried out by The INK Store. The empty and latter refilled cartridges are placed into the care of the Royal Mail for transit to us and then the same for transit back to the customer whereupon it is the duty of the Royal Mail to ensure safe keeping and prompt delivery of the customers cartridges. Therefore, a claim for refund can be made with The INK Store to the value of that paid to The INK Store for the refill service against only the cartridges refilled by us and lost or stolen whilst in the care of the Royal Mail for the value paid for the service and so invoiced as such. No further compensation is offered by The INK Store, as we have acted in good faith and honesty throughout and as proof of posting has to be shown on each claim, we can prove that we did all we could do to ensure safe passage of the customers refilled cartridges after refilling and packaging, also supporting this claim we have to provide the Royal Mail with an invoice for the refilled cartridges thus proving that we have only refilled them and not supplied them as new or otherwise and also stipulating the amount paid by the customer for this service, which would be the amount they would send to us as compensation and so the amount we would pay to the customer as compensation.

Delivery & Postage:
Delivery is now charged in the UK for all ink cartridges due to the Royal Mail price and policy changes.
There will also be postage & packaging charged for other media in the UK.
There will be full postage & packaging charged for ink cartridges & other media outside the UK.
Postage will be 1st Class for ink cartridges in the UK, which is guaranteed by the Royal Mail to arrive within 48 hours excluding weekends. Other media will be posted using either 1st Class packet mail or 2nd Class parcel mail depending on weight / size. 2nd Class parcel mail will arrive within 5 working days of despatch excluding weekends.
Postage outside the UK ( Europe ) will be by airmail, guaranteed within 48 hours excluding weekends.
If items are too large or bulky, they will be sent by surface mail, which will take up to 2 weeks from despatch.
If goods are missing or stolen in the post, we have to wait the statutory time stipulated by the Royal Mail before acting on the missing goods in any way. In the meantime the goods may return to us or arrive with the customer and if returned to us, we will forward them to the customer unless they are marked as "Not Collected" which means the goods were attempted to be delivered and no answer was obtained and so a card was left with the addressee to collect them from their local mail sorting office, in not doing so, the goods would be returned to the sender after 30 days and would therefore require resending at full postage price. In this case, the customer is responsible for the non delivery and or pick up of the goods and so is also responsible for the cost of resending the goods.
1st class mail is guaranteed to be delivered anywhere in the UK mainland within 48 hours of postal pick up by the Royal Mail and any failure to do so can be claimed for compensation of the goods if still not delivered or returned after 30 days. A compensation claim form can be submitted after 15 days from despatch, however 30 days would elapse before any compensation would be paid as the missing goods have to be tracked, allowed time to be returned to the sender and confirmation enquiries / checks to be made with both the sender and addressee.

Payment is now obtained by Credit / Debit card only for all Internet and telephone orders.
Payment is currently accepted in all formats at our store, i.e. Credit / Debit cards, Cheques with a guarantee card and Cash (pounds sterling only).
There will be an additional payment option for customers ordering via the Internet who do not hold a credit / debit card whereby, a cheque / postal order for ordered goods plus any applicable P&P can be posted in advance of despatch of the ordered goods.
Overseas customers may obtain a bankers cheque in pounds sterling or may pay by credit / debit card, which will be subject to the current currency exchange rate and may incorporate conversion / transfer charges by their bank. There is no additional surcharge by The INK Store for credit / debit card payment.
Under our current alternative payment terms, cheques / postal orders should be made payable to: The INK Store and posted to: The INK Store, 101 Clase Road, Morriston, Swansea. SA6 8DY before delivery of ordered goods & payment invoice (please also enclose your name and address for delivery / identification).
Cheques should be crossed and made payable to: The INK Store
Cheques should be signed & dated and the amount completed in full with the invoice number reference written on the back of the cheque.
Postal Orders should be made payable to: The INK Store and the senders name and address should be completed in full on the back. Please also enclose your name and address + your order details, so that we may identify the sender / payee.
On no condition should cash be sent by post.
Credit / Debit cards may be used for payment via the telephone / fax & Internet to prepay for orders or to settle business credit accounts on invoices due.
Payment is no longer obtained by cheque / postal order in return of post for orders.

Your right to cancel:
You the customer may cancel your order within 7 working days from the day after delivery if you are not completely happy with the product or the service under which it was provided. Prepaid goods will then be refunded (to the value at the time of ordering) providing the goods are returned to The INK Store, 101 Clase Road, Morriston, Swansea. SA6 8DY in perfect condition and fit for resale. The cost of returning the goods will be at the customers expense.
Unwanted goods or cancelled orders are to be returned to The INK Store at the customers expense and providing the goods are fit for resale, any prepayment shall be reimbursed in full at the price of the goods at the time of ordering.
Unwanted goods returned by the customer without notice of cancellation, by a durable medium within 7 working days from the day after delivery, will only be accepted for return to stock and refunded after a 20% surcharge has been deducted from the current sale price including any current multi pack offers. Return postage of the same goods, shall be at the customers expense and the goods should be in perfect condition and fit for resale.
The customer must inform The INK Store of their wish to cancel, by sending a notice of cancellation in writing via mail, fax or email, a telephone call is not sufficient.
The effective date of cancellation is the date on which the customer sent notice.
Any refund of money due including any delivery charged for goods which are to be returned, will be paid within 30 days from the date of notice of cancellation.
If an order that requires no prepayment or postage charge is cancelled by the customer, the goods will be accepted by The INK Store if returned at the customers own expense after delivery or from written notice of cancellation and any due invoices will be cancelled upon receipt of the returned goods. If the cancelled goods are not returned to The INK Store within a reasonable time after notice of cancellation, The INK Store will arrange pick up of the goods at the customers expense, unless the goods are faulty or were received in a damaged condition and have been previously reported as so.
Prepaid cancelled goods will be reimbursed to the customer in the form of cheque if the goods were prepaid by cheque / postal order or by credit / debit card refund to the customers account if paid for by this method.
Credit and Debit card refunds will require the customer to give full card details and name & address details for the refund transaction as we do not keep records of customers credit / debit card details for security reasons.

Out of stock items:
If an ordered item is out of stock, this will normally be advertised on our website. However, should this not be so and a customers orders and pays for goods which are out of stock, The INK Store will arrange a revised delivery date for the customer to allow for new stock receipt. If the customer finds the revised delivery date unacceptable and states so in writing, the contract is deemed as cancelled and The INK Store will refund any prepaid money within 30 days of the cancellation date.

Placing an order for goods with The INK Store is quite simple. You as a customer, can order online by giving your personal details, delivery address, telephone number, credit / debit card details & what goods you require. Your goods are despatched the same day we receive the order & payment, providing it is received before 2pm and the order form has been completed in full. We use the Royal Mail address and post code finder to check that the delivery address details are correct. If there is any error or missing information on the order form, we use the telephone number to contact you, so as to gather the missing information or clarify errors.
To order by telephone, you give the same details as above.
To order by mail, give all the relevant personal details, address details, telephone number, printer details and how many cartridges you require. Place your cheque / postal order or credit / debit card details in the envelope with your order for the full amount of your goods + P&P (prices as seen online). Make cheque / postal order payable to: The INK Store and post to: The INK Store, 101 Clase Road, Morriston, Swansea. SA6 8DY and your goods will be despatched the same day we receive payment.
We do not usually accept orders / payment by email, unless sending a cheque / postal order by post and all the relevant order and delivery details have been given. This is not a recommended form of ordering. Any credit / debit card details sent by the customer via email will be sent at the customers own risk.

Our Details:
Proprietors: Mr. N. Colfer / Mrs. D. Jones
Trading Name: PageNet / The INK Store
Address: The INK Store, 101 Clase Road, Morriston, Swansea. SA6 8DY
Telephone: 01792 548731
Fax: Please call for fax number
Email: Contact Page
Website: http://www.the-inkstore.co.uk


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