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Any reference to OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) for compatibles & remanufactured items is purely for compatibility reference. The trademarked names are also for reference to the printer make & model. We do supply Trademarked OEM and these are listed under their own category, Originals (OEM).


The following countries are treated as Europe for ink cartridge ordering purposes.

Albania, Andorra, Armenia, Austria (EU), Azerbaijan, Azores (EU), Balearic Islands (EU), Belarus, Belgium (EU), Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria (EU), Canary Islands, Corsica (EU), Croatia, Cyprus (EU), Czech Republic (EU), Denmark (EU), Estonia, Faroe Islands, Finland (EU), France (EU), Georgia, Germany (EU), Gibraltar, Greece (EU), Greenland, Hungary (EU), Iceland, Irish Republic (EU), Italy (EU), Kazakhstan, Kirghizstan, Latvia (EU), Liechtenstein, Lithuania (EU), Luxembourg (EU), Macedonia (Former Yugoslav Rep. of), Madeira (EU), Malta (EU), Moldova, Monaco (EU), Montenegro, Netherlands (EU), Norway, Poland (EU), Portugal (EU), Romania (EU), Russia, San Marino (EU), Serbia, Slovak Republic (EU), Slovenia (EU), Spain (EU), Spitzbergen, Sweden (EU), Switzerland, Tajikistan, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Vatican City State.

See the drop down menus at the top of this page for printers and cartridges.

Please note; a Photo Colour Cartridge usually replaces the Black Cartridge on most HP printers, as it contains Black ink as well as Light Cyan & Light Magenta, however it can also be used as a third cartridge on selected HP printer models, see your printer manual.

See the drop down menus at the top of this page for printers and cartridges.

For best results and instant dry it is recommended that you use high resolution photo quality paper, matte, satin or gloss.
For high quality graphic prints it is recommended that you use HP bright white 90gsm paper or equivalent grade.
For high quality reproductions and copies on multifunction printer, scanner, copier machines it is recommended that you use HP All-In-One 80gsm paper.
Your choice of paper is essential to the quality and condition of the print you require.

Due to changes in the Royal Mail's prices and procedures, unfortunately we now have to charge postage & packaging on all ink cartridges, but we are keeping this to a minimum.

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